Know he real story behind hago unlimted diamonds and mod apk! is it genuine?


Hi Buddy, I am Your fellow Mate From Hago .

Want To Be My Friend ? ADD Me ?

Here is My id  : 👉👉👉 117608313

I HAVE 1 REQUEST , PLEASE DONT ASK FOR DIAMONDS 😉  (Because i don’t have it  😁 )


I created this website to make awareness about various Hago DIAMONDS GENERATOR as well as mod apk’s .

All the website and youtube videos that claims they are giving dimaonds for free is a scam.

You can also contact me on snap !   😉 


So my request is don’t download anything from unrelaible sources and do not use any geneartors.

Hago is an enormously popular apps for making friends,live broadcasts etc.. and it suffers no end of scammers trying to fleece its players as a result. While the app tries to block and filter text/URLs and comes with additional security features, potentially dubious sites also bounce around outside of the Hago environment. Here’s one we had sent our way, located at:

Example of scam website (100% Fake ,Tested )

The site claims to walk that well-worn path of free diamonds/item/whatever generation, in return for entering your username and a few other values such as desired diamonds . There’s also a chat box in the bottom right corner which repeats the same text every time you visit the page, mostly to the tune of “Yes, this definitely worked 100% for me, honest”. Once all info is submitted and the magic “Do things now” button is pressed, it delivers the well-worn trick of popping a fake box claiming things are happening behind the scenes. Secret, hacker-style things working their magic on Hago servers.

Unfortunately for the person using it, it’s all complete nonsense and leads gamers to the usual assortment of survey links.

We don’t have much to add here besides “Don’t bother”. All you’ll get for your troubles is your personal information added to marketing databases via the survey links. If you have young relatives playing Hago, please consider informing them about sites such as the above.

any questions ? feel free to message me on Hago id : 117608313